A resort is a place used for relaxation, vacation or as a weekend  getaway.

One of the most desirable aspects of a resort is that visitors are free  from all daily issues , which are usually taken care of by the facility’s staff.

Resorts offer a lot of activities, including massages, meals,  cosmetic treatments, sports and live entertainment.

In all resorts staff meet meet every need the guests have, allowing them to relax quietly.

Alternately, some resorts might provide vigorous guided physical activities such as mountain climbing or hiking.

Often in resort you can live very different experiences. Luxury ones  give their clients a day or two of complete relaxation.Larger locations have a selection of restaurants and other stores.

Secondary experiences, such as spa , sports activities and hiking trails, kids entertainments  are included.

Our choices:

Il Boscareto Resort

Why we love it

  • This  five-star spa hotel in northern Italy, offers  breakfast, a welcome drink, wellness perks Relaxing in Sunsì Lounge Bar, pastries in the morning or drinks in the evening
  • Feasting on delicious fare by a Michelin-starred chef at the hotel’s restaurant
  • The far-reaching vistas, local vineyards and gorgeous hilly surrounds
  • Surrounded by vineyards, it is perfect for a wine weekend 
  • The spa has a hot tub, sauna and Turkish bath3 reasons to visit Langhe: 

    3 Reasons to Visit: castles, ambiance & fine dining

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Castel Porrona Relais & Spa

Why we love it

  • The experience of  a luxury  stay in a 900-year-old Tuscan castle, with spa and dining
  • Delicious Italian cuisine 
  • The spa has wine-therapy baths, a hammam and treatments that use Tuscan wine and olive oil 
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6 popular places in Italy:

1. Cinque Terre

2  Lake Como 

3  Amalfi Coast 

4  Capri Island 

5  Tuscany  

6  Cervinia

More popular regions in Italy:

Most resorts will give visitors the chance to have a massage or a spa treatment

Wellness, Massage, Relax, Relaxing

 Many resorts have pools that guests can relax in.

Pool, Swimming, Swimming Pool, Relaxing

Some resorts in Italy  offer fine food and accommodations at a luxurious estate.

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 Winter resorts include ski slopes for guests to enjoy.

Sci, Alpine, Upstream, Zucco

 Resorts located right on the beach can be quite popular.

Beach, Sea, Summer, Sardinia

 Resorts may hosts events such as a wine tasting.

 Some luxurious resorts include golf as a guest amenity.

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