Most popular dishes associated with the Italian culture are pizza and pasta, but there is much more to the world of cooking in italy. 

The cuisine of the Italians shines through the regions, the influences from other countries, the local ingredients.

Since the Roman Empire individual cities began to display its own way of cooking. Different types of bread, pasta, and food preparation techniques differed according to each region.

The south is well known for the pasta dishes, Milan for risotto, Bologna is the queen of tortellini and Naples – of course – for pizza, coastal regions are famous for seafood dishes.

Over the years, outside influences added new flavors:  arab cuisine influenced the south, especially with the introduction of sweets (Sicilian ice cream cake is just an example).

Italian food is loved all over the world. The secret? Traditional recipes (preferably from grandma) fresh ingredients and gastronomic products.

You have just to discover them!