You will discover immense valleys, mountain peaks and a blue sky. These are the italian mountains. Here you will enjoy the wonderful experience of being in contact with the nature. Tourist resorts can suit all tastes: hotels, welness centers, flats and apartments; A vacation with complete freedom and a wonderful scenery.

Six Italian Regions overlook the Alps:
Aosta Valley – Piedmont – Lombardy, Veneto – Trentino Alto Adige and Friuli Venezia Giulia

People that love winter sports and wait for snow to slide around plains and ski circuits: people that wait for summer to reach the almost inacessible paths; people who love nature and want to explore the parks with their families and children and – of course – people who want to enjoy mountain cuisine.

Italian Alps are really for everyone in every season.

Aosta Valley

 If you like skiing, the Aosta Valley is perfect for you.

The outstanding scenery of huge Alpine glaciers, from the Gran Paradiso to the Matter-horn, and from Mont Blanc, to Monte Rosa are the highest excitement in Europe.  

In winter there are skiing circuits, ice skating rinks and views, and down pistes are suitable for experts and beginners.  In summer you will discover itineraries for walking and mountain bike lovers, as well as all kinds of sports facilities.


Piedmont mountains in the past have been important routes of communication between different peoples: these crossing-places determined the social, cultural and economic evolution of populations.

The mountains of Piedmont still retain a culture that is typical of areas of passage, with past traces of history.

Piedmont Alps are a jewel to be discovered. 



Passion, nature and tradition. In Lombardy the tourist tradition is based on many decades of experience. In these places the entrepreneurs were pioneers in the sector of tourism.

Thanks to the enchanting scenery of solitary mountain peaks and broad meadows, impenetrable woods and orderly vineyards,  Lombardy is a great place to visit and have a fantastic holiday.


In Veneto area the alpine places are a great natural beauty. Tre Cime di Lavaredo and the extraordinary and unique natural theater of Cortina d’Ampezzo in the Dolomites are the icing on the cake.

But there are a lot of other localities in the Veneto area to be discovered. Great environmental beauty such as Cadore, Valle d’Ampezzo, Comelico, Marmolada and Mt Cristallo, to mention only a few of the best areas. These localities are a real paradise for travellers who love winter sports or quiet summer holidays.


Trentino offers cultural and natural resources as well as a journey into its history.

You will discover clean and pure air and water, beautiful surroundings and food traditions. In Trentino every thing reflect the harmony of nature and culture.

Summer holidays is the perfect time to know locals, taste gastronomy, enjoy the environments.

This Alpine territory includes: the Adamello-Presanella, Cevedale, the Brenta Dolomites, the Val di Fassa Dolomites, the Lagorai and the Pale di S.Martino chains.

Alto Adige  

Alto Adige is in the heart of the eastern Alps.

Its landscapes present varied aspects: from the zone of Ortles-Cevedale, (Solda, Trafoi, Val Martello) to the pale peaks of the Dolomites and to the walls of Bassa Atesina.

Dolomites are a  dominant and majestic scene of the South Tryolean Alps. Environmental laws protect a third of this zone, to guarantee tha safety of this incredible natural area.

Friuli-Venezia Giulia

This territory includes  one of the best preserved areas in the Alps, Carnia and Tarvisio with the Julian Alps.

Piancavallo is one of the best equipped and modern skiing resorts in the Alps, where ski world’s cup competitions are held. From here, towards Barcis lake, we move toward the peaks of the Friulian Dolomites of Valcellina. Other areas are Val Colvera, Val Tramontina, Val Cosa and Val D’Arzino. Friuli region is  the best place for a traditional mountain holiday: in the winter, you can downhill and ski, and in the summer you can hike, walk and climb in a fantastic natural area.