“To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.”

Giorgio Armani

Among the millions of reasons to visit Italy, there is shopping.

Italy is the cradle of fashion and style.

From clothes to shoes, from  jewels to lamps, from  wooden furniture to pottery, there’s something special about “Made in Italy”.

For the Italian culture, artisan means  hard work, but also family traditions and a passion to create something that is particular and will remain in the story.


Ceramics and Glasses

Products  have a unique story behind them. These stories speak of talented men, that still use techniques  passed down to them from generation to generation. These objects  tell a story. Colorful ceramics that emanate warmth, happiness and conviviality and gather their inspiration from the Mediterranean influence.

Handmade leather shoes and bags

Italian fashion is well known all over the world. Bag and shoemaking process are a cult. Artisans cut, prepare the leather, assembly and sew. With their hands. With passion. With a strong desire to create.

Gold Handmade Jewels

Gold. An art that dates back thousands of years. Exquisite jewelry pieces, some ones simple, others for an elegant evening look. All made by talented hands, with innovative goldsmithing techniques, but with ancient traditions, using lost wax casting that is seen in Greek, Roman and Etruscan art.

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