The cuisine of a country is the only exact attestation of its civilization.

Italian cooking is know in all the world for its healthy balance, the fresh and local ingredients and the way of cooking them. Italian women love cooking and have teached their receips through the centuries. These receipts have such a variety of flavors and are rich of inventiveness in preparation.

When you taste italian food you reach an extraordinary feast for your senses.

Italy’s cuisine is really incomparable, and in each region you can discover and enjoy different dishes.

Do you eat like an italian? 

Colazione (breakfast): please, forget english or american breakfast. Colazione is always an espresso or cappuccino (coffee and milk) and a brioche (sweet pastry, croissant). The coffee is short and strong. Pranzo (lunch) is an important moment in the life of italian people. Even if in the big cities during the working days the  lunch is limited to a sandwich, on saturday and sunday it is the way to meet the family around the table. Often there is “antipasto” (starter) a dish of  pasta, rice or soup (primo piatto), a second dish of meat or fish (secondo piatto)  with vegetable or salad (contorno). After fresh fruit (frutta) there is an expresso coffee and – maybe – a strong digestive liqueur (amaro or grappa). Happy Hour (Aperitivo time)  is famous since years ’60. Campari or Negroni are served with a bowl of nuts or potato chips and some fat green olives”.  Aperitivo culture is still very much part of daily life in Italy Dinner (cena) is similar to lunch. Often soup is preferred to pasta or rice, and the second dish is composed by cheeses with bread.

Where to eat

There are thousands of locations: ristorante is the most formal place trattoria and osteria are less formal than a ristorante. Local specialties are served panineria is a sandwich bar pizzeria is not only for pizza lovers; you can taste also pasta and other dishes

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You can find a lot of receipes on the web, video, but it will be difficult to find the various original ingredients in the market of your block.

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