Is Liguria a grace  land .
Burning stone,  clean clay,
vine leaves in the sun.

With these verses Vincenzo Cardarelli in 1936 opens his poetry Liguria , the beloved region.

Even today,  a hundred years later, we can only share his thoughts on this narrow strip of land surrounded by green mountains and facing the turquoise sea. atural beauty.
Ligurian villages have since always inspired poets, italian and international writers and artists  for their own engaging and captivating cultural and aesthetic value that ooze constantly.
Those who like active holidays, yes dictated by relaxation but also by the healthy sport, choosing Liguria which target more than half will have a wide choice of  physical activity: hiking, trekking, mountain biking and climbing just to mention a few example.
The Ligurian morphology is quite jagged and discontinuous but has many routes to travel between the sea and the mountains.
To have a real taste of this region don’t miss some of these paths, walking, hiking, biking and hiking trails .

Be inspired

Vernazza, the Blue Trail

Difficulty: medium 
Walking time: 2 hours 
Best season: spring or fall

vernazza   vernazza 1     cinque-terre-666601__340

This is the most fascinating trail. You can cover it by just three minutes with the railway line and just over 90 minutes’ walk.

It starts from Via Vernazza  leading to the village cemetery: the dry stone walls characterize this ancient mule track along with the typical Ligurian terraces, dating back to ancient times. Soon you reach the altitude of 105 meters above sea level, join the town of Mesorano Coast then continue, less painfully, until the descent that leads to Monterosso. The Mediterranean vegetation presents here juniper and broom. Reached the point of maximum height, the panoramic view allows you to see both the harbor of Vernazza and the whole town of Monterosso. Descendingto Punta Corone you will see an old military bunker, before the trail junctions leading from one side to  Piazza Garibaldi or from the other one to a sea promenade.

From Portofino To Camogli

Difficulty: medium 

Walking time: 6 hours

Best season: spring or fall

_portofino    portofino-1802881__340    portofino-1418439__340

The trekking route that starts from the famous Portofino and ends in the pleasant old town of Camogli is developed entirely through the wonders of the protected area of ​​the Regional Natural Park of Portofino: a veritable treasure chest of natural treasures and historical landscape. 

The starting point is via Fondaco where, keeping to the left, you start climbing along the staircase leading to the rich vegetation. 

The trail continue until you reach the turnoff for the paradisiacal bay of Cala des Anglais. After about an hour you will reach the old military base of World War II “Base 0”, descent  up to San Fruttuoso and its unmistakable Abbazia di Capodimonte.

On the opposite side of the beach you ascends  among terraces planted with olive trees and then down the coast which offers views towards the crystal-clear waters. 

In Cala d’Oro you will notice the ancient watchtower. A little further on is often driven short passages where you must cling to heavy steel chains and, in the locality Fornelli, you can see some wartime bunker. After two kilometers you will arrive at San Rocco square; descending a crêuza flanked by houses and terraces you end the tour at Camogli.


The Finalborgo ring and the Napoleonic trail

Difficulty: medium 
Walking time: 3 hours 
Best season: spring or fall

borgio verezzi    caprazoppa    gallinara

The Finale Ligure area is renowned, as well as being a favorite destination for sea tourism, to practice outdoor sports, walking, trekking, nordic walking.

Reconciling sport with history is  possible everywhere: here you can practice the ancient footsteps of Napoleon Bonaparte!

We start from the ancient door of Finalborgo and after a hundred meters, we meet on the right the beginning of the Napoleonic trail, built in the late eighteenth century to allow the transit of the artillery of the “Grande Armee”, already in its medieval route once traced on the ancient Roman Julia Augusta. 

Going up you reach  the little chapel Regina Pacis, panoramic point overlooking Finale Ligure. Continuing, you can see Borgio Verezzi and the island of Gallinara. 

This  old mule track  ends on the pavement of the church of St. Martin and Maria Regina Mundi sanctuary. The descent allows you to discover the old villages of Verezzi, olive groves, vineyards and typical Ligurian terraces. To finish the loop hike you fall in Finalborgo passing through the mountain Caprazoppa.

How to reach Liguria


The main domestic and international airlines run scheduled flights out of Genoa’s Cristoforo Colombo airport to connect Liguria with all major Italian and European cities. 

The airport is strategically located right in the middle of the two Rivieras and has good city and motorway connections. From the access ramp in the airport area you can get straight onto the A10 motorway (Genova-aeroporto). The junction road will take you to the city suburb of Genova Cornigliano and from there it joins the SS1 state road that runs between Savona and La Spezia. The city centre is six kilometres away and an airport bus operated by the city’s transport authority (AMT) connects the airport with the main railway stations. The C. Panero airport in Villanova d’Albenga, province of Savona, is also open for international flights: it is used for small scheduled planes, charter flights and sports flights.


The railway network covers most of the region, connecting the four provinces and the main towns in the hinterland and along the coast. The two main stations in Genoa are Genova Piazza Principe and Genova Brignole, with handy connections to the major Italian cities (Milan, Turin, Rome…). You can find train, bus and underground timetables, routes, connections and journey times throughout the region HERE >


Main motorways leading to Liguria

A15 : Connecting Parma – La Spezia

For more information visit

A10 (E80) : Autostrada dei Fiori – Connecting Ventimiglia – Savona – Genova

For more information visit

A12 (E80) : Connecting Genova – Livorno

A7 (E25) : Connecting Milano – Genova

A6 (E717) : Connecting Torino – Savona

For more information visit

A26 : Connecting Genova Voltri – Gravellona Toce

Named the Autostrada dei Trafori (the Motorway of the Tunnels) after the numerous tunnels through which it passes. 

However, if you are not in a hurry and would like to enjoy the magic of the Liguria scenery, then take the main road SS1 – Aurelia. It is a scenic

 road that covers all of Liguria from Ventimiglia to La Spezia to Pisa.





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