Travelling by train will never lose its particular charm.

Trains are known for their high quality, rapidity and good  level of comfort. We always suggest ( in some cases it is compulsory) to book a seat.

Every day, a large number of international trains come over the border to Italy, connecting the country to the main towns and cities in Austria, Germany, France and Eastern Europe. 

  • From Austria via Vienna, Innsbruck and Villach
  • From France via Nice, Lyon, and Paris
  • From Germany via Munich
  • From Spain via Barcelona
  • From Switzerland via Basel, Geneva and Zurich

Getting  around by train

Trains in Italy are generally good value, frequent but of mixed reliability. There are different train types: high-speed trains (Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Frecciabianca, Eurostar Italia), Intercity, regional trains (Regionali, Regionali Veloci) and international trains (Eurocity, Euronight).

High-speed trains are efficient and very comfortable, travelling up to 300 km/h and stopping only at major stations.

They connect Rome with Turin, Milan, Venice, Bologna, Florence, Naples and other cities. They also are the most expensive train type by far.

To travel on these trains you are required to pay a supplement to the standard ticket, which includes the booking fee.

Regional trains are the slowest, cheapest and less reliable, stopping at all stations.

Intercity trains are somewhere in between high-speed and local trains. They are generally reliable, but if you need to catch a flight, for example, it might be better to pay extra for the high-speed trains.

Remember that you must validate the ticket before boarding most trains, by stamping it in one of the yellow boxes (marked Convalida).

Travelling with an unstamped ticket is technically the same as travelling without ticket. It is quite important not to forget to validate your ticket as the conductors are generally not tolerant in this particular matter. The exception are tickets which specify the day and time of travel; since those are only valid for one specific train they generally do not need to be validated.

Eurail Pass

The Eurail Italy Pass is the most comprehensive way to explore Italy. Engage in La Dolce Vita, feast on giant bowls of pasta and taste aromatic wines while passing through the dazzling Italian landscapes! Visit Rome and discover the remains of its glorious past. Have a romantic time on a gondola in Venice or discover Milan the fashion capital of Italy!

The Eurail Italy Pass allows you unlimited travel with the freedom to hit the tracks whenever and wherever you want! You can take as many trains as you like and there is no limit on the distance you can travel within a travel day. All of this at a fixed price.

Hop on and off trains at any time according to your desires and encounters. Just show up at the nearest train station and get ready to go and explore a new destination. (See ‘Things to know’ for more information about seat reservations).

Whether you are the adventurous traveller or the avid planner the Eurail Italy Pass is your pass to freedom and the key to an unforgettable trip!


Explore Italy's beauty by Rail

Ancient Roman ruins, pretty Mediterranean coastlines and a famously rich culture are just a few of the characteristics that have made Italy a classic and sophisticated holiday destination.From Italy’s natural beautiful lakes and endless vineyards to its iconic landmarks such as the Roman Colosseum and canals of Venice, there are plenty of unique attractions throughout the country.

During a grand tour of Italy by train you will have the chance to admire the contrast of green hillsides with historical landmarks in comfort. You will visit Verona, the setting of Shakespeare’s most famous love story Romeo and Juliet. and discover the  terracotta roofs of Tuscany  which is also famous for its gastronomic delights. 

Lake Como by Rail

Discover delightful lakeside towns, cruise across sparkling water and experience the Swiss Alps, travelling on the Bernina Express.

The Italian Riviera

The enchanting Italian Riviera, where fabulous towns and villages overlook the Mediterranean in a region of breathtaking natural beauty.

Tuscany & Venice

From Montecatini, explore the incredible countyside and rich artistic legacy of Tuscany. Take in its much-loved cities and hidden treasures before heading to the iconic, timeless Floating City of Venice.

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