Italy borders:    France, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia.

All borders are open (without passport/customs checks),except for the Swiss one, with customs checks and random passport checks.

In the other borders cars can be stopped behind the border for random checks.


Documents required to drive in Italy 

Driving licences issued by any of the EU member states are valid throughout the European Union, including Italy.
Drivers in possession of a licence issued by any EU country do not require an international driving permit or a sworn translation of their own licence.


General rules 

To drive in Italy, you must be over 18. Keep right and overtake on the left. Dipped headlights must be used on two-lane motorways. When driving through towns and villages, the horn may be sounded only in the event of an emergency. Trams and trains have right of way.

You are requested to fasten  seatbelts in both the front and rear seats.  If police stops you with unfasten seatbelts you are subject to payment of penalty.

On three-lane motorways, the lane on the right is reserved for slow vehicles and vehicles that are not overtaking.

At crossings, vehicles approaching from the right always have right of way. S

Motorbikes  below 150cc may not be driven on motorways.  Helmets are compulsorywhatever the engine size.


Speed Limits

Cars and motorbikes (vehicles with engine size over 150 cc): 

  • urban areas 50 km/h
  • minor out-of-town roads 90 km/h
  • major out-of-town roads 110 km/h
  • motorways 130 km/h
  • In the event of rain on snow, the limit is lowered to 110 k/h on motorways and 90 k/h on trunk roads.

In order to ensure that these limits are complied with, numerous speed cameras have been installed throughout the road and motorway network to keep electronic checks on speed. 

Cars with trailers or caravans:

  • in urban areas, the speed limit is 50 km/h
  • on minor out-of-town roads 70 km/h
  • n major out-of-town roads 70 km/h
  • on motorways 80 km/h
  • Camper vans weighing over 3.5 tonnes and under 12 tonnes:
  • in urban areas, the speed limit is 50 km/h
  • on minor out-of-town roads 80 km/h
  • on major out-of-town roads 80 km/h
  • on motorways 100 km/h

Compulsory equipment  :

triangle; spare tyre; extinguisher (recommended) and reflective safety jacket, which must be usedin the event of a stop during the night or in poor visibility conditions, and when stopping on emergency lanes or lay-bys.

Insurance :

Civil Liability insurance is compulsory. For visitors arriving from abroad, the best option is the Green Card, an insurance policy that can even be taken out at the border and is valid for 15, 30 or 45 days.

Alcoholics: in Italy, driving is not permitted with a blood alcohol content superior to 0.5 grammes per litre, in line with the European average.



ENTRY gates

Gates dedicated to Telepass customers have signs above the projecting roof with a yellow background and the wording “reserved for TELEPASS customers”. All the other gates that issue tickets are marked by signs placed below at the entrance to the gate.

EXIT gates

The signs aim to facilitate payment operations, enabling Customers to distinguish and identify, along the 2,855 km of the Autostrade per l’Italia network, the different payment options associated with each gate clearly and instantly.

Different payment options:

    The yellow background unequivocally indicates dynamic collection with Telepass.   In addition to the logo TELEPASS, the board says “reserved for customers” to further indicate that these gates are solely for use by holders of the Telpass device.

   Blue uniquely indicates that payment can only be made using the following cards: Viacard, Credit Cards and Cash cards. 
Payment by Credit or Cash card is facilitated by the fact that there is no need to enter a Pin number and no commission is charged. 

   In this case, white  indicates cash payments. Gates displaying these boards only accept payment through the automatic self-service till (enabled to give change).

Source: Autostrade per l’Italia website

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