Getting to Italy by sea is a not-to-be-missed eperience: there are several ferries departing from Greece, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia.

Most of them arrive at Venice, Ancona,Bari and Brindisi.

Regular ferry services connect the island of Corsica in France to Genoa,Livorno, Civitavecchia, Naples and North of Sardinia. Barcelona is connected to Civitavecchia and to Genoa.

Some regular ferry services connect Sicily and Naples to some North African harbours.

There is a hydrofoil service running from Pozzallo on the south-eastern coast of Sicily to Malta.

There is a year-round service between Trieste and Albania and summer services between Trieste and Pirano (Slovenia) and Parenzo and Rovigno in Croatian Istria.

The service between Trieste and Rovigno takes less than 2 hours which is quicker than the bus service.

The Italian Islands are a great place to spend a holiday. Discovering Sicily, Sardinia, the Tuscan Archipelago, Lipari, Lampedusa and Stromboli, to mention just a few, is an unique experience. 

Yachting in the Mediterranean Sea

Italy is well-placed for yachting, being right in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, with its three large islands, Sardinia, Sicily and the nearby Corsica (French) and surrounded by several arcipelagos: Tuscany, Naples, La Maddalena in Sardinia and with the Croatian arcipelago, just a few miles across the Adriatic sea. Cruising on a private yacht will allow you to explore islands and white beaches, white-washed towns and the ruins of a glorious past, covering the major steps men cultural and spiritual development.

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