Genoa isn’t Rome or Florence. But…

Michael visited Genoa many times in the past, and each time he asks himself why do so few tourists visit Genoa…

The answer arrived from Mitchell Wolfson Jr., an American who moved to Genoa in 1968 and founded the Wolfsoniana, a museum of decorative and propaganda arts in nearby Nervi.

“It’s a place that has never gotten over its ferocious past.” as Verdi says in his Simon Boccanegra opera.

Of course, Genoa is not Florence, Rome or Venice. There  is not a list of must-see attractions , no romantic lagoons; it is not the  birthplace  of the Renaissance..

But this city invites — in fact, it requires — you to have your own experience. Genoa has a heart and soul like no other.

It will attract you with its  unfolding mysteries, unwavering authenticity, distinct language and food.

This town that in 1005 became a republic, was  for 8 centuries – along with Venice, Pisa and Amalfi – one of the great italian maritime republics.

Here there was only the sea, to navigate and dominate. The commerce or piracy, it depends from history books, determined  consolidated fortunes into the hands of a few families .

Walking across Genoa’s sloping urban patchwork you will  feel like stepping into one of Piranesi’s intricate engravings.

Step onto the Belvedere Montaldo: the whole city will be opened before you  as in a cinematic panorama.

If you want to discover its soul, we suggest you to walk through the small streets, looking at the old buildings, churches, shops, docks — and to arrive  the lighthouse, (called La Lanterna – 1543)

Discover secret spots like the offbeat Piazza della Giuggiola, an exquisite square paved with river rocks rivaled only by the nearby Piazza dell’Olivella.

Visit the Castello D’Albertis, one of the dozen villas build by  sea captains and merchants, with its collection of ethnographic artifacts and its Turkish sitting room, or  Palazzo Rosso and Palazzo Biancotwo museums with paintings by Veronese and Van Dyck, and gilded  furniture, mirrors and porcelains…

In the center of the city, you can visit places like the Church of the Gesù with its amazing Rubens altarpieces, the Genoa Cathedral, the white-stripe monument to St. Lawrence, with the city’s mascot lions standing guard; or Palazzo del Melograno.

Genoa is able to give great gifts to a visitor. In one building facade you may see a baroque cornice, or a Renaissance windows spliced into a medieval arch;  in the “caruggi”, dark and umbrageous medieval streets you will feel like in a book of Charles Dickens. 

The new and the old. 

The port – renewed by Enzo Piano, with the recently renovated Galata Museo del Mare, with its maritime history, and the aquarium,  the city’s most popular tourist attraction.

Adjacent to the port, small restaurants where you will taste  the classic dish of pasta al  pesto, made of basil cultivated in the greenhouses of nearby, or local fresh fish.

Consider to end your lunch at Mangini, a cherished old bar and pasticceria. 

There is so much to discover in this city.

Genoa is just waiting.


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