Charming Liguria

This region has it all: mountains, steep cliffs, a beautiful sea, magnificient landscapes, historical monuments.

Ligurian Riviera is famous its flowers, used also for the preparation of aromatic essences. Its name is obviously: Riviera of Flowers.

This Riviera is pretty big and  covers 317 km long rocky beautiful and fascinating coastlines.

Liguria offers  sea, ocky and sandy beaches, for a relaxing vacation, but it is also a dynamic region:  you can spend an active vacation here: hiking in the mountains, enjoying water activities, admiring fascinating landscape and take  a walk or make a cultural tour.  Impressive buildings, elegant mansions and magnificent religious monuments classified as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO will fascinate your.

We suggest you to mix all the experiences: relaxing, discovering and getting fit while hiking & walking! What are your  likes and preferences? Whatever they are, we want to help you decide : 

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